Walter Pellish, Jefferson County Commissioner, thinks tax payers are “a group of ill-informed malcontents”

Walter Pellish, Jefferson County Commissioner,wants to force you to pay more taxes by forcing an "excess levy" on us. He thinks we are all a "small group of ill-informed malcontents is notorious for their nonsensical allegations and “facts” This is from his website.

He is the one that "lies" His campaign page states : "
"We balanced the budget without raising taxes. We accomplished this by implementing zero based budgeting and dramatically cutting costs to resolve a $2.7 million dollar budget deficit over the last 2 years. Under my leadership, we will continue to exhibit the fiscal discipline necessary to balance the budget without raising taxes or compromising county services. "

How is an "excess levy" not raising taxes? How is spending an extra $60,000 on a special election,just to add this tax, instead of waiting untill Mays primary, "fiscal discipline"? Who is lying here? They could use that $60k to pay 2 teachers a full year salary? Again, how is that "fiscal discipline"?

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