LPAC: Berkeley County Council to tax the Rain

Berkeley County Council to tax the rain!?

Liberty Political Action Committee of West Virginia
Ignoring the voting public, Berkeley County Council members are moving forward with the effort to create yet another new tax in Berkeley County....a tax on the rain that falls on your property.

You must call the following County Council members today and tell them they must NOT support the RAIN TAX

Elaine Mauck- 304-260-9394
Doug Copenhaver- 304-754-7201
Jim Whitacre- 304-676-4886

Calling it a "stormwater run off fee" this is the newest scheme of the Berkeley County Council to take more money of of your pocket while creating another new tax.

This comes right after they voted nearly $400,000 in pay raises for elected official and county employees.

Will you let them get away with it?

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