People call for the removal of Pamela Games-Neely

Pamela Games-Neely must go!! She is against your 2nd Amendment Rights.

West Virginia –-( As some of you are likely aware, Berkeley County Prosecutor Pamela Games-Neely sent a letter to the legislature ranting in true Sarah Brady fashion about the lack of a law preventing lawful carry of firearms on college and university campuses.

Her rant requested a ban of carry on all such institutions.
Gun owners in the Panhandle had better be paying attention to this one. This truly matters to you. Law enforcement and prosecutors have, and constantly utilize a concept called “police discretion.” Within this concept, they often can use their discretion, based on the totality of the circumstances, and decide whether or not to prosecute (within reason) in any given situation.

Given that there are many gray areas surrounding firearms in West Virginia law (which the WVCDL has been trying to fix) this should be terrifying to you as a gun owner within her prosecutorial jurisdiction.

For a prosecuting attorney, Ms. Neely sure seems removed from reality, and certainly is not very imaginative. You see, I can definitely think of things far worse which could, and do occur on college campuses nationwide. For example, being robbed, shot, stabbed, or raped on campus. Yet, somehow, Ms. Neely can’t think of anything worse than sitting next to you at a football game. Have I mentioned that she’s a prosecuting attorney? Surely….. I mean…. isn’t it a near certainty that she’s prosecuted people for far worse things than sitting next to you or I at a football game?

FB protests and marches against Pamela Games-Neely :

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