Lemaster, Kenny

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802 Emmett Rousch Drive
Martinsburg, West Virginia 25401


Berkeley County Sheriff 2008 -2015

Candidate for WV House District 63

Berkeley County

Party: Democrat

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  1. davyjones says: | 4/09/2015 at 10:01 pm

    Lemaster thinks your too un-educated to carry a weapon without taking a course and paying his office a fee! Let him know what you think. Comment here and call him to let him know how you feel.

    “”We honor the NRA training that they give to the citizens,” said Kenny Lemaster, Berkeley County sheriff. “So for them to condone something that would send people out not getting trained endangers the public.”

    But it’s not just the public’s safety Lemaster is concerned for.

    “It also puts officers in danger because you’ll have a lot more people out here carrying weapons that may not know how to use them, how to unload them, how to load them properly,” added Lemaster.”

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