Davy Jones files paperwork to run for Berkeley county Sheriff today!

Davy Jones files pre-candidacy today.........


.......... to run for Sheriff! Davy Jones,  founder of WV Conservative Review and state chair of such grass roots organizations as WVLPAC and Our America Initiative filed pre-candidacy papers today at the Berkeley County courthouse.

"I have decided that after so many sheriffs came out this year to protest the Constitutional Carry Bill (including Berkeley County sheriff Kenny Lemaster) that we need a sheriff that cares about the second amendment and the rights of the citizens to defend themselves , their families and friends. How can we feel safe in this environment today without being armed? With the continued mass shootings and terrorist attacks throughout the country we need a sheriff that supports the second amendment ! We must allow our fellow West Virginians to defend themselves and reverse the ridiculous, ineffectual gun restrictions that are obviously not working"

Mr Jones is a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) , Blue Ridge Patriots and the West Virgina Citizens Defense League (WVCDL). He is an aggressive defender of the second amendment, supports constitutional carry and an avid gun enthusiast.

Mr Jones can be reached at davyjones@vote4davyjones.org

Twitter: @vote4davyjones

FB: vote4davyjones


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