ACTION ALERT: Jefferson County Residents

Oh, just vote Republican and all will be unicorns and rainbows, right?


The Party of "limited government and fiscal responsibility" ignored their campaign promises.......where have we seen this before?

Perhaps Commissioners Tabb, Pellish and Bell would prefer we cancel our summer vacation plans and write a tax check to Jefferson County instead.

With a Republican led Jefferson County Commission, they have increased spending, increased taxes and are now exploring expanding the impact fees.

Yes that is right, the old "we just need to elect Republicans" has failed again.

Did you honestly expect anything different?

Across the board the 2016 Jefferson County Budget has increased by over $267,113.00, taxes increased by $522,948.00 and government keeps expanding.

Believe me, our County Commissioners DO NOT want you to be reading this right now!

But the good news is you are.

We here at the Liberty Political Action Committee are dedicated to fighting for true limited government, less taxes and an accountable government.

If you want to actually do more than watch your money being spent like drunken college kids on spring break, you need to call these Commissioners TODAY-
Jane Tabb- 304-725-4325
Walt Pellish-304-876-7067
Eric Bell- 304-596-4296
You need to tell them you will hold them accountable to actually reduce government, reduce taxes and honor their campaign promises.

The new Republican led Jefferson County Commission budget shows-

Increased Taxes by 4.34%
A 12% increase in the Ambulance Fee
5% increase in the Hotel Tax
All while increasing spending in our County by over a quarter million dollars!

We at the Liberty Political Action Committee will not stop holding elected officials accountable, but we cannot stop this insanity without your help.

Call these Commissioners TODAY and tell them NO MORE TAXES, FEES or LEVIES.

Jane Tabb- 304-725-4325
Walt Pellish-304-876-7067
Eric Bell- 304-596-4296

For unless you do, be sure to expect more and more of your hard earned money go to fill the County Coffers.

In Liberty,

Davy Jones
West Virginia Liberty Political Action Committee

PS- Unless you call today, you can expect to see more fees and a new levy.

If you think you can show up at the polls every two years, vote and make a difference, you are wrong.

Only by holding these elected officials accountable to you, the people they work for, will they stop their tax and spend ways.

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